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“BADO, KUSTER, ZERBINO & RACHETTI” (BKZ&R) law firm was established in 1941.

The firm has specialized in domestic and international group counseling in business, industrial, financial and corporate matters, and also in the study and conclusion of participation, collaboration and capital investment agreements in different sectors of the Uruguayan economic activity and related areas.

Major practice areas: civil, commercial and banking law, labor law, corporate law –including incorporation of stock companies, investment stock companies (S.A.F.I.s or Holdings) and Foreign Trade Zone companies (the firm may also deal with maintenance of companies incorporated or acquired on behalf of its clients), family law, law of successions, intellectual property, patents and trademarks, air law, litigation, administrative law, telecommunications, privatizations and bids.

The firm has provided assistance and advice to foreign corporate groups throughout Uruguayan processes of privatization, strategic alliances and public work and service concessions (France Telecom, Telefónica of Spain, Enagas of Spain, Lyonnaise Des Eaux of France, Loma Negra of Argentina), and also to the Uruguayan Government during the association process of the Uruguayan airlines (Pluna with Varig), in association with Bureau Francis Lefèbvre from France. Also in association with Bureau Francis Lefèbvre we constituted the joint venture Grupo Disco Uruguay S.A. between Grupo Casino of France and the main supermarket chain of Uruguay.

BKZ&R has contacts with major American and European law firms that are the firm’s correspondents.

BKZ&R is a member of the National Chamber of Commerce, as well of the Uruguayan-British Chamber of Commerce.

BKZ&R resorts to the services of external specialists in different branches of Law when the importance and complexity of the case so require. The purpose of BKZ&R is to provide each client with customized, responsible and updated services, relying on its expertise and more than sixty years of experience, and making day-to-day efforts to improve and excel.

BKZ&R is in permanent in contact with Embassies, to which information on the Uruguayan legal system ruling investments is periodically furnished.

BKZ&R covers all trademark law areas, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, lawsuits and licenses, international protection and transfer of property rights of technology, software, literary and art works, design and commercial secrets.

Languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

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Treinta y Tres 1269/71, 11000 Montevideo, Uruguay

Tel.: (598 2) 916 0310 - Fax: (598 2) 915 5669


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