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Alvarado y Asociados, since established in 1992 has been considered a firm with national and international prestige, characterized by its professionalism and integrity in the process of rendering its services. Since its beginnings it has made emphasis in the individual and personal service to its clients, as in the respect to the principles of professional ethics, client confidentiality and the rules on conflict of interests.

The professionals working in Alvarado y Asociados are all attorneys of ample knowledge and experience, with a global vision of the law, necessary in modern times to answer to the needs of its clients.

The main objective of the Firm is to always seek the welfare of its clients, and to answer to their requirements for legal advising in a complete, effective and competitive way.

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Alvarado y Asociados
Planes de Altamira III Etapa
Semáforos ENITEL Villa Fontana
2c. al Este, 3 1/2 c. al Norte
Managua, Nicaragua.

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P.O. Box 5983 Managua, Nicaragua

Tel.: (505) 2278-7708 / 2277-2417 / 2277-2308
Fax: (505) 2278-7491
Cellular: (505) 8882-3990

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