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Pellerano & Herrera is one of the most modern, innovative and experienced
law firms in the Dominican Republic. Since its creation, in the year of
1952, the firm has grown steadily in order to satisfy the changing needs of
its national and international clients and has handled cases of great
relevance and complexity in the history of Dominican law.

The firm provides its clients pragmatic and constructive legal advice, with
the highest standards of quality, in order to obtain the desired results in
accordance with ethical and professional principles. The human capital of
the firm, together with the state-of-the-art technology used, as its most
important tools, make it one of the most advanced legal firms of the
Caribbean and the world.

Our attorneys have contributed to the development of the legal profession in
the country by introducing into local practice the use of foreign legal
concepts and figures important for the development and modernization of the
Dominican Republic.

Also, the firm has contributed to the preparation of many bills, which later
became laws in the country; and has participated in a large number of high
profile mergers, acquisitions and structured finance and foreign investment
transactions that have taken place in the Dominican Republic.

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Santo Domingo
Av. John F. Kennedy No. 10
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Tel. (809) 541-5200
Fax (809) 567-0773

International Mailing Address
A-303, P.O. Box 52-4121
Miami, FL 33152-4121
United States of America

P.O. Box 149020
Coral Gables, FL 33114-9020
United States of America


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