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Since its establishment in 1936 and 1960 respectively Zürcher, Montoya & Zürcher and Bufete Odio & Raven, have been well known for their excellent reputation both for the quality of the services they render as well as for their fondness and observance of strict ethical standards. They have been acknowledged as being the law Firms of greatest growth, prestige and professionalism being distinguished for their teamwork where both partners and associates are highly committed to their clients and have been able to maintain long lasting relationships with the majority of them.

After having successful individual legal practices, both law Firms have decided to combine their strengths to form the ZÜRCHER ODIO & RAVEN Law Firm with the sole purpose of improving the portfolio of legal services offered and to be able to fulfill the demanding needs of their clientele. ZÜRCHER ODIO & RAVEN represents large and medium size companies both national and multinational, professional associations, financial institutions, public offices and individuals. It keeps contact and maintains excellent relations with other law Firms located in the main cities of North America, Europe and other countries. Along with the aid of its administrative and staff personnel, this is a well organized Firm of lawyers committed to render quality services.

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Plaza Roble, Edificio Los Balcones 4to Piso, Escazú, Costa Rica.

Tel. (506) 201 3829 - Fax: (506) 201-7153

E-mail: info@zurcherodioraven.com

Web Site: www.zurcherodioraven.com

Attention: Lic. Harry James Zurcher

E-mail: Harry.Zurcher@zurcherodioraven.com

Attention: Lic. Edgar A. Zurcher

E-mail: Edgar.Zurcher@zurcherodioraven.com


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